F. A. Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What licenses do I need to rent a boat?

To sail in Greece, you must hold a valid skipper’s license

 2. Do I have to hire a professional skipper?

You do not have to hire a professional skipper if you have all the necessary licenses and experience of sailing. If you want a skipper, we will be happy to recommend one. You must take care of the skipper’s meals. If you go to the restaurant without him, you will have to provide hima meal on board (the standard cost of a skipper in Greece is 1050 € per week).

3. Is the vessel insured?

As for car rentals, you have to block an amount for the guarantee (which varies according to the age and size of the boat). This amount will be returned to you at the end of your stay, if no damage is found). Of course, it is possible to take out a damage waiver to buy-back the guarantee amount. We will explain the details during your reservation process!

 4. Is it possible to charter a vessel for only a few days?

Most yachts are chartered for a period of seven days, from Saturday to Saturday, but it is also possible to rent a boat for a few days, only in pre-season and post-season.

5. What if we have children on board?

In this case, inform us about the age of the children so that we can ensurethem the appropriate size of the lifejackets. If you are traveling with small children, we can order a safety net to be placed on the threads surrounding the ship.

 6. What should we take on board?

You should only take your clothes and medicines. Towels and sheets are included in the service pack (see question 7).

 7. What are the mandatory EXTRAs?

Service Pack or Charter Pack (95-150 € per rental). This compulsory pack includes sheets, a gas bottle for the kitchen, plenty of water, as well as the final cleaning.

8. What are the non-mandatory EXTRAs?

  • Starter pack (25 €) – The starter pack provides you with the elements of use to start the navigation. It includes: Dishwashing liquid, garbage bags, matches, toilet paper, water, orange juice, fruit plate, biscuits, coffee bags, sugar and milk
  • Outboard (80 € the week) – You can rent a small outboard motor for your dinghy which is the small inflatable annex boat (otherwise you still have the oars :-)).
  • SPI (175 € the week) – The asymmetric SPI is a front sail used in tailwind to increase the cruising speed.
  • Hostess (910 € the week) – The hostess assists you in the daily tasks (cleaning, service, cooking, etc). NB Your boat must have enough space for the hostess (see number of cabins)! The Skipper only takes care of the navigation; he does not replace the hostess.
  • Railing net (100 € per rent) – The safety net can be installed to close the gap between the threads surrounding the boat. Ideal if you are traveling with children.

9. Provisioning on board?

You can make your provisioning at each stopover during your cruise. Before you leave, we can send you a provisioning list that you complete. Yoursupplieswill be delivered upon boarding (a 10% surcharge is applied for the service).

10. Can we leave the boat at another base at the end of the rental period?

This is called a one-way. Indeed, it is possible to leave your boat at another base. If you book this service in advance, you leave your boat normally at the end of the rental (we will find the customer who will bring it back to its original base). If you book it late, it is still possible but you will have to leave the boat sooner in order to allow usto bring it back in time to its original base. For terms and prices, please contact us.

11. Can you take care of our transfer from the airport to the base?

Yes, at your request, we organize transfers from the airports to your base.
For any information about the price, please contact our booking office.

Rates shown above are indicative and may vary depending on the base chosen.

The contents of the Service Pack may vary slightly depending on the base you choose.

The information above are for bareboat charter. If you wish to rent a more luxurious boat (+ 15m) with crew, our team will contact you to provide you additional information for vessels of this category.