Sailboat or catamaran?

How to choose between a sailboat or a catamaran?

We will help you choose:

The number of people

The sailboat is ideal for a family or a small group, generally from 4 to 6 people. The catamaran is more suitable for larger groups such as two families. The catamaran is therefore ideal for a group of between 6 and 10 people.

Seating and comfort

Thanks to its central platform, the catamaran offers the advantage of a large living space and thus frees up the hulls to accommodate spacious cabins.

4 cabin catamaran: 4 real cabins with private bathroom + 2 top cabins for a skipper and hostess crew.

NB: Below 40 feet, the catamaran is less spacious than a sailboat of equivalent size.

To really enjoy a spacious catamaran, it is better to look for larger catamarans.

The sailboat remains very comfortable, especially in the owner’s version (3 cabins).

Sailboat 3 cabins: a forward owner’s cabin (very spacious) and 2 aft cabins with low roof.

The sailboat remains very comfortable, especially in the owner’s version (3 cabins). It offers only one or two bathrooms but generally it is more spacious than in a catamaran.

Sailboat 4 cabins: two receding forward cabins (owner’s cabin cut in half see plan) and two aft cabins with low roof.

The experience & sensations

On a monohull yacht, you will enjoy a more pronounced sailing experience.

Indeed, the cottage and the proximity of the water accentuate the feelings of navigation! Also, with its all-purpose side, a monohull slips more easily into coves and especially into ports; the sailboat can arrive at the port later than the others because it will find more space than a large catamaran.

The catamaran, on the other hand, offers a more comfortable experience. It is less easy to sail upwind than a sailboat but at anchor it is more comfortable because it offers great stability. Also, the absence of a keel allows it to venture into shallow water.