The Cyclades are an archipelago of Greece located in the South of the Aegean Sea, in the periphery of the South Aegean. The archipelago comprises about 250 islands, islets and islets-rocks. Only 24 islands are inhabited. They are called Cyclades because they form a circle about a diameter of about three hundred kilometers around Delos,


The Dodecanese is an archipelago of the Aegean Sea with more than 160 islands and islets, mostly uninhabited. Its name means ‘twelve (dōdeka) islands (nēsos)’. The Dodecanese is home to vestiges of the Byzantine Empire, the Knights of St John, the Ottoman Empire and the Italian occupation of the 20th century. The climate is mild

Ionian islands

The Ionian Islands are an archipelago of the Ionian Sea, beginning in the south of Albania, continuing along the coasts of Epirus and Acarnania and ending off the western coasts of the Peloponnese. A part of them today constitutes a periphery of Greece. The Ionian Islands are composed of seven main islands near the western

Saronic islands

Aegina | Alimos | Dokos | Epidaure | Fokianos | Hydra | Kyparissi | Leonidion | Nafplio | Poros | Porte Heli | Spetses | Yerakas Aegina Aegina is a Greek island of triangular form, in the center of the Saronic Gulf, 20 km south-west of Athens. Mount Oros dominates the island. The ruins of


The Sporades or also called Northern Sporades or Thessalian Sporades to distinguish them from the other Sporades, are an archipelago of Greece, north of the Aegean Sea. They derive their name from the adjective sporas which means ‘scattered’, ‘disseminated’ in ancient Greek, as are the islands that make up this set, as opposed to the