Why trust us?


It is often difficult to entrust your money to a service provider, especially if it involves large sums of money and a service received abroad. To reassure you and ensure the success of your vacation in Greece, here is what you need to know about Greek Style Yachting:

Greek Style Yachting is more than a yacht broker in fact our company is one of the few boat brokers licensed as a Tour Operator.

What is the difference between a tour operator and a broker?

Legal status and obligations:

A tour operator has the status of travel agency, which implies that he must guarantee the reserved service (example if a service provider is lacking, the tour operator must find a similar or better service) unlike a broker who will find the service provider for you but has no responsibility for any breaches thereof.

License and Solvency:

A tour operator must have licenzied staff , state authorization, and an evolving bank guarantee, the guarantee increases in correlation with its turnover (revised quarterly). At best, a boat broker will have insurance against his insolvency.

Greek Style Yachting is part of ASK2TRAVEL GROUP:

  • Accredited  I.A.T.A. International Air Transport Association
  • Licensed  G.M.O.T.  Greek Ministry of Tourism
  • Member G.Y.B.C.A. Greek Yacht Brokers and Consultant Association
  • Member  H.Y.B.A. of Hellenic Professional Yacht Owners
  • Hellenic Association of Travel and Tourist Agencies

Quality and Service

Greek Style Yachting can pride itself on knowing personally the boats it rents out to its customers! Our specialization only on Greek market allows us to know our products. Ask another agency if they’ve visited the boat they’re renting before? She will surely tell you no but that her local partner is trusted. We know exactly what we are selling to you!

Our service on the day of boarding: a member of our team is always present on site at check-in. So we make sure that everything goes perfectly. This is your real guarantee of 5 star service.

With Greek Style Yachting you can rest assured that you are working with one of the safest and most qualified yacht charter agency on the Greek market.