Calculate the rental cost with the hidden charges!


Many new customers don’t really know how to budget their boat rental, so here’s a full breakdown of all the costs:

1. The price of the boat itself.

During your search, this is the first price you see displayed on the screen. This is the price of the boat for the entire duration you have selected (one, two or three weeks).

2. The charter pack

Also called service pack, it is a fixed amount that you pay for the final cleaning of the boat, the sheets, the full water and the gas bottle. The cost of the charter pack depends on the size and the cabins of the boat: it starts at 80 € for a small sailboat with two cabins and can reach 350 € on large units such as catamarans.

3. Skipper

The skipper is not compulsory, if you have a person who has a license to navigate. The skipper costs, in Greece, 1050 € + VAT per week. Also, his meals are at your expense.

4. Fuel

Before your departure, the boat will be given to you with a full tank of fuel. When you return to base, you will need to refuel; you will therefore pay for exactly what you have consumed. For a week, a sailboat will consume between € 150 and € 300 and a catamaran between € 300 and € 500.

5. Harbor fees

The marina charges for the first day and the last day of rental are included in your price. The rest of your stay will be spent in cheap public ports. For the whole week (including any full water and the connection to electricity at the port) the cost for a sailboat is between € 50 and € 80. For a catamaran, between € 100 and € 150.

6. The deposit

During your rental, you must pay a deposit. Generally, the deposit is between € 1,500 (for a small sailboat) and € 3,500 (for a large catamaran). This deposit is returned to you at the end of your stay. If you wish, you can take out a damage waiver. Instead the deposit you pay an insurance ( non-refundable amount) between € 200 and € 400.


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